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Kvörn – Refisa Whole Beans from Ethiopia 250g

kr.63 Cashback kr.2100
Coffee of the Month comes from Ethiopia, Refisa is a washing station located in the heart of Nensebo Wordea province. A total of 389 coffee farmers bring 
their harvest to Refisa. The coffee is all grown at high altitudes above 1900 - 2070 m.
When farmers bring the coffee to Refisa, it is put in water, with it floating immature berries that are separated from the harvest. The coffee is then 
washed, the coffee beans are removed from the berries, and they are left in fresh water for 5 hours, the coffee is then fermented in water for 72 hours 
before it is dried on raised tables for 9 - 12 days until the coffee arrives. down to 10.5% humidity.
This coffee is an organically certified coffee consisting of the coffee varieties Wolisho and Kuruma.

Kvörn – Tariku Mengesha Whole Beans from Ethiopia 250g

kr.60 Cashback kr.2000
Coffee farmer Tariku Mengesha owns a ranch in the Banko Chelchele Kebelea area of ​​Gedeb Wordea, south of Yrgacheffee and just west of Oromia province.
This coffee is Natural - which means it's a little funky. The coffee is dried with the fruit around the bean. The coffee then dries like grapes turn into 
raisins. With this there will be a little fermentation, the taste of the coffee will be sweeter and even a little fermentation tones will come through.
Before Tariku dries the coffee, he puts the berries in water and removes immature coffee berries that float up. The coffee is then dried on raised benches 
for 28 days.
Tariku has received training and assistance from Technoserve and horticulturists in the area to better nurture their crops. He tries to keep weeds to a 
minimum and grows other vegetables around the coffee trees to keep the soil moist and to get enough income for himself and his family.