Sushi Fyrir Seydisfjordur

As many of you know, Austurlands Food Coop is headquartered in Seydisfjordur. Sadly, disaster has struck our beloved home. In addition to houses lost, local businesses have been disrupted including ours. Every week we receive, sort, and package approximately 5 tonnes of fruit and vegetables. The holiday season swelled our stock just one day before disaster befell our home. While we were able to salvage some of our inventory for donation to our community, a considerable amount was left inaccessible and was lost. In an effort to hasten our recovery and ensure our future as a company, we are asking for your help. How are we asking? Starting 12 March, we will be offering a sushi delivery service designed to cater your private parties or personal dining experience. For a limited time, we'll be bringing high quality sushi straight to your door step in the Reykjavik area.

What to expect
...the traditional unexpected.

Thanks to the generous help of local purveyors that we have used over the past few years, we will showcase Icelandic seafood ingredients prepared with Japanese techniques and ingredients by experienced hands. Our goal is to elevate what we know as "togo sushi", and present it to you in a way that makes sense to us as chefs and leaves you with an experience that is fresh, healthy and delicious.



The meal itself may differ from what is pictured above. We plan on providing a variety of high quality maki (rolls), nigiri, sashimi that pay tribute to the high quality seafood that is available in Icelandic waters. Each order should be more than enough to feed 4 adults, you can expect to find roughly 64 pieces and the meal will highlight freshness and authenticity, accented by the Coop's interesting fruits and vegetables. We want everyone to enjoy this meal. We have set this meal to have a bargain base price of 17900, which covers most of our expenses. But, with fundraising in mind, we are leaving the pricing up to you. If any amount above this base price is helping us enormously and we encourage a 24900 suggested pricing.

We have opened up ordering for Friday, the 12th March and for Saturday the 13th of March. We are also limiting the amount of orders we take for each day to 24. The price includes the cost of delivery in the Capital area, and our aim is to have everything delivered to your home between 16:30 and 18:00 so it will arrive just in time for dinner. There is a strong possibility due to popular demand that we will do a seperate Vegan/Vegetarian Sushi on an additional day. If you are interested in this, just send us a note on Messenger.

This is all happening as a collaboration of support. From our veteran restaurant talent, to our friends Erna and Kunsan at Makake for providing us with a space to safely prepare these meals for you. To our suppliers OJK, Nora Seafood, Icefish, Klaustur Bleykja, Humarsalan...and more to come. These are the people enabling this fundraiser and who have all offered us some level of support that ranges from free to discounted goods and service.

Time to sign up and spread the word. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and as usual feel free to reach out if you have any questions.