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20 January 2022, Week 03 – Food Coop Box Contents

blood orange

Week 03 - 20 January 2022

Organic Red Moon Apples

We are super excited about the Food Coop Box for Week 03, a completely Organic selection of amazing fruits and vegetables. Last weeks box sold out pretty quickly so please sign up while you can by sending a message to us on Facebook.

-After a long wait (10 months or so), we get our prized blood oranges back! They are coming in smaller sizes this week, and are the first of the season.

- The super rare Red Moon Apples ( yes the flesh of these apples are RED).

-Our citrus suppliers in Spain have some Avocados right now, and if I remember correctly from last year, these are amazing quality and the season is kind of short so we are getting them while we can.

Thank you so much for being a part of this project and for all the support you have shown us over the past 3 years. We are working hard to expand the quality and selection available to all Icelanders. Your participation fuels this progress and your subscription ensures we continue to grow in the right direction.

-Jonathan & Ida, Austurlands Food Coop ehf

Box Contents


  • Organic Mango PE
  • Organic Apples RED MOON FR
  • Organic Blood Orange IT
  • Organic Lemon ES
  • Organic Kiwi IT
  • Organic Clementine with Leaves ES
  • Organic Avocado ES


  • Organic Purple Artichoke IT
  • Organic Gem Salad ES
  • Orgnanic Savoy Cabbage FR
  • Organic Brussel Sprouts NL
  • Organic Shallots NL
  • Organic Black Salsify NL
  • Organic Carrot DK
  • Organic Beetroot DK
  • Organic Rosemary & Thyme IT
  • Organic Garlic ES

*This is the preliminary list we are planning on bringing in, just keep in mind this can change due to quality and or logistic issues.

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